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Memory Well, Candy making in exchange for a memory
Candy making performance/interactive installation

Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam NL, 2016.

A landscape of sand and clay, punctuated by small tokens of engagement. Caramel candies were made on site for the audience in exchange for a memory. The participants would eat the candy and soon after write the first memory that came to them- responding to the smell and taste of what they had consumed. Participants were then asked to place their memory without instruction of how or where to place it, with the exception that it must be located within the wells of sand displayed. What resulted was a piece that demonstrated the various ways in which memory takes shape, as well the correlation between sensorial input, memory and the construction of space. The project is an open question on how our interior lives manifest in form, and how such forms influence, affect and respond to each other- shifting and altering how we perceive a landscape.