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A Stage for Metamorphosis. Garden intervention, dreaming of a meadow
Chicken wire, concrete, soil, plants, mirrors.

Paleis van Mieris, Amsterdam NL, 2017

A stage for Metamorphosis. Garden intervention, dreaming of a meadow, a structural garden intervention that responded to the conditions of the site. Soil replaced the voided space of missing stones in the floor, a small oasis of broken concrete, wildflowers, and tall grasses appeared under the roughly cut ceiling, leading to a dim yet large skylight. A space, a garden; shifting and unfolding, growing and decaying, expressing in time the fragility of such conditions. A stage for metamorphosis; a place to gather, to be with, to move through, to contemplate, to care for, repairing a desolate interiority. A vernacular construction within the interior space, adhering to and working with the conditions of what was present (i.e the broken floor/ the broken ceiling). Can the implementation of growth be a form a spatial repair? Of healing? Further, how does such intervention and material choice shift how one engages and moves through interior space?